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exodusfleet πŸ’€ 350 days ago

the over sure can stim

exodusfleet ✨ 361 days ago

oobh i got plany off time.

exodusfleet πŸ’€ 363 days ago

the days never do stop coming...

exodusfleet ✨ 371 days ago

"It's in this silence - as I listen to these voices - that I'm learning how to reinvent myself"

exodusfleet ✨ 384 days ago

who up quarking they bar

exodusfleet ✨ 397 days ago

"Remember, it’s all funny."

exodusfleet πŸ’” 414 days ago

frantically swimming across the international date line

exodusfleet πŸ’” 421 days ago

Never date a scientist. They'll leave for 2 weeks to flirt with fish on the other side of the planet.

exodusfleet πŸ”₯ 447 days ago

anyone else experiencing the horrors?

exodusfleet ✨ 453 days ago

What if we were in Star Trek and we were both worms?

exodusfleet πŸ’€ 456 days ago

trying and going off of new meds my beloathed

exodusfleet πŸ₯° 461 days ago

thinking totally normal thoughts about elim garak ds9 (lie)

exodusfleet 🐱 462 days ago

virtual pet sims are great for people who love to [looks at smudged writing on hand] click things a lot

exodusfleet πŸ’€ 464 days ago

We're officially included in jokes about taxpayers now.

exodusfleet 🐢 467 days ago

quark ds9 is like a chew toy to me

exodusfleet πŸ’€ 470 days ago

Paying 100 dollars just to look at a doctor once should be a crime

exodusfleet πŸ’€ 471 days ago

honk shoo and... dare i say it... mimimi...

exodusfleet 😑 473 days ago

barking and growling and snarling and

exodusfleet πŸ₯° 474 days ago

we have the coolest girlfriend ever, you all can go home

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