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hi im prim and i like to draw


etherealprimrose 😭 22 days ago

fighting for my life to get my projects done last minute

etherealprimrose 💔 53 days ago

I feel like my heart has been cracked and my soul has been ripped out

etherealprimrose 🙂 78 days ago

the need to work on assignments vs hot topic 30% off for the next hour and a half

etherealprimrose 🙂 85 days ago

just found a scratch on my face and i have no idea when or how it got there ToT

etherealprimrose ✨ 96 days ago

introduced some friends to swatch internet time today

etherealprimrose ✨ 97 days ago

its freezing in the house rn lol anyways im finally working on re-learning html and css despite months of not doing that

etherealprimrose 😎 143 days ago

figured out how to use shaders on minecraft bedrock. very pretty

etherealprimrose 🍿 247 days ago

cant tell if i smell popcorn or if im just hungry or smth lol lol

etherealprimrose 😂 261 days ago

i find it very funny how my site has 68 views even tho i havent put anything on it lmao

etherealprimrose 🤔 332 days ago

quickly realizing that my biggest roadblock to making my site is that i dont know what i want it to look like lol

etherealprimrose 🥰 350 days ago

the new minecraft update is out the new wood is so prettyyyyyyyy

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