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hi im prim and i like to draw


etherealprimrose 🍿 76 days ago

cant tell if i smell popcorn or if im just hungry or smth lol lol

etherealprimrose 😂 90 days ago

i find it very funny how my site has 68 views even tho i havent put anything on it lmao

etherealprimrose 🤔 161 days ago

quickly realizing that my biggest roadblock to making my site is that i dont know what i want it to look like lol

etherealprimrose 🥰 179 days ago

the new minecraft update is out the new wood is so prettyyyyyyyy

etherealprimrose ☀️ 183 days ago

its been a solid several weeks since i last used my computer, life is going alright rn :]

etherealprimrose ✨ 212 days ago

vibing with friends rn, pizza and root beer and games ayo

etherealprimrose 🙂 213 days ago

yk at this point i think my main roadblock to building my site at this point is that idk what color scheme i want to use

etherealprimrose ☀️ 213 days ago

good morning i have awoken as of 20 minutes ago, i am no longer dead to the world 🥳

etherealprimrose 🥱 213 days ago

just got home, will now be reading my may 4th letter from my good friend Jonathan Harker before going to bed

etherealprimrose 🤩 213 days ago

LITERALLY JUST GRADUATED losing my mind rn oml