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esterhazy 🌙 2 days ago

i made a few updates to the site today. wheeee

esterhazy 🌙 27 days ago

update~~ the GUI has changed a little bit and ive created a calendar in the sidebar. YAY

esterhazy 🌙 38 days ago

i wasnt making websites for a month because i got my first ever nintendo console for christmas and have become super animal crossing pilled

esterhazy 🌙 48 days ago

been no update for a while!!! im working on commissions and trying out carrd and stuff teehee

esterhazy 🌙 57 days ago

i have to learn how to fully operate the layoutit website and then my sites will be so fresh

esterhazy 🌙 58 days ago

i'm babysitting a cat over new years... fireworks will be here in around 2-3 hours... pray for us~

esterhazy 🌙 65 days ago

just had a boss battle with my mom bruh

esterhazy 🌙 66 days ago

merry christmas time

esterhazy 🌙 68 days ago

antidepressants are making me so tired during the day. ughh

esterhazy 🌙 71 days ago

broke in flightrising rn... gughd

esterhazy 🌙 73 days ago

esterhaezy 2.0 is online at last

esterhazy 🌙 73 days ago

drawing and coding is most fun at 3am lol

esterhazy 🌙 74 days ago

who up engaging in self-absorbed monologues

esterhazy 🌙 74 days ago

its literally 5am and im not the least bit sleepy i think its over for me

esterhazy 🌙 76 days ago

who up eating baby food

esterhazy 🌙 77 days ago

sraza faza dupaza

esterhazy 🌙 77 days ago

peaceful day today. i'm working on my site at a rate of one word per hour

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