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hello? i'm just a weird woman on the net <3


erica 🏆 16 days ago

employed era coming soon

erica 🤩 23 days ago

starting a shiny new chapter of my life soon, hopefully

erica 💔 30 days ago

women with narcissist moms yeah I salute y'all

erica 👽 34 days ago

screams into a void

erica 🌱 38 days ago

happy new year!! <3

erica 😂 41 days ago

playing tomodachi life for the first time and it's so fun

erica 🥰 45 days ago

Merry Christmas!! <3

erica 😛 50 days ago

drinking white peach calpico which might or might not still be safe to drink

erica 🌙 51 days ago

i'll show them. i'll show them all

erica ❄️ 55 days ago

can't stand cold weather

erica 🎁 58 days ago

just singlehandedly saved christmas

erica 🍱 59 days ago

slowly improving my diet

erica 💔 60 days ago

I wish I had local friends..

erica 🥰 61 days ago

went shopping today and actually found cute clothes for once

erica 🎮 62 days ago

i played runescape for the first time and it was kinda confusing

erica 🙂 66 days ago

ate an entire bag of croutons

erica 🌧️ 71 days ago

i hope next year is better for me