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era is a creature that lives on the internet.


era 💀 14 hours ago

i...honestly don't get why some people join webrings when they barely have a landing page done. it's disappointing to click on...

era 🐱 1 day ago

why do i have abby's kuroneko pankeki song stuck in my head of all things...meow meow 🎶

era 🙃 6 days ago

do i call my doctor and be annoying about the psych referral or do i keep waiting like a normal person who isn't losing it after only a week

era 💀 7 days ago

trying to wrap my head around iframes because it would make things SO much easier if i wanna get fucky with my nav...

era 🤔 8 days ago


era 🙂 15 days ago

ehehehehehehe...a custom domain. *_*

era 🥺 19 days ago

maybe i can finally let myself get a a treat. just a little treat for me.

era 🥳 33 days ago

proper capitalization to an extent lmao. my site is now Semi-Formal.

era 🤔 42 days ago

i keep going back on forth on whether it would be worthwhile to start using Proper Capitalization on my site...

era 💀 62 days ago

headaches or eye pain. gotta pick the chronic pain of the day.

era ✨ 84 days ago

NEW LAPTOP FINALLY!!! i haven't been able to code in so long...

era 🤔 105 days ago

do i want to put in the effort to customize my page on here or not...

era 👀 108 days ago

my dog watching me with all the pleading she can possibly manifest without making a noise while i eat fries.

era 💀 118 days ago

christ god jesus i think im finally done converting every page over to the new layout

era 🥱 118 days ago

tired, but new layout is finally done...mostly. done enough. orz

era 🍕 124 days ago

weekly pizza for lunch because why not

era 🙃 130 days ago

the mental illness urge to redirect all of my ocd brain to fixate on just redesigning my entire site from the ground up.

era 🍕 131 days ago

pizza for lunch, pizza for lunch. pizza pizza pizza for lunch. 🎶