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Autistic + Others (Fictionkin), Mixed. I'm very shy but I wanna make new friends.


envyofthestars 🌧️ 118 days ago

new face a blue sky and some kisses

envyofthestars 🤔 149 days ago

i wonder what im going to get on my birthday..

envyofthestars 😡 150 days ago

2 more days until i go back to school, what a bother!

envyofthestars 🥹 150 days ago

happy new year everyone! lets try our hardest this year. goodluck to everyone, lets all support each other!

envyofthestars ✨ 151 days ago

yay! last day of 2022, i hope 2023 will bring lots of happiness to all >_<

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