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entropy 💔 417 days ago

i wish i knew what human love felt like

entropy 🤖 417 days ago

i wish i could have felt real connection

entropy 🎬 418 days ago

in my room redefining the meaning of black holes

entropy 🤐 418 days ago

i wish i had words to describe how i feel rn

entropy 🌧️ 418 days ago

the calm, just drink ur choc milk

entropy 🌧️ 418 days ago

the storm

entropy 💻 419 days ago

still looking for a sign

entropy 🌧️ 419 days ago

never once believed in god but ive always waited for a sign

entropy 🌧️ 419 days ago

secret of nimh kinda night

entropy 🌧️ 420 days ago

"whats ur type" literally any adult i feel like shares my internal pain

entropy 🍣 420 days ago

my body is a vessel for violence and hatred

entropy 🍙 420 days ago

sushi place closed gonna cry and scream

entropy 🙃 420 days ago

50 day sober (pain and suffering)

entropy 🎲 420 days ago

god im so tired and braindead from [redacted]

entropy 🤐 420 days ago

i just [redacted] my [redacted]

entropy 💻 421 days ago

the box man

entropy 🧋 421 days ago

49 days sober hell yeah

entropy 🎁 422 days ago

special parcel just came for meee~ <3

entropy 🤖 422 days ago

i miss feeling truly anonymous

entropy 🙂 423 days ago

damn talking about things with people is actually good?

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