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ennui 🌧️ 10 days ago

Really want to update my site again but still feel so shitty...

ennui 🍦 36 days ago

Forget "real food", gimme all the chocolate and cookies and ice cream etc pls.

ennui 💾 74 days ago

Really need to start updating my site again...

ennui 😶 78 days ago

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. that is all.

ennui 🌙 84 days ago

Ngl I love that it gets dark at 4pm.

ennui ✨ 89 days ago

Hoping everyone has a nice day today.

ennui 🍦 94 days ago

These donuts are huge, maybe I shouldn't have ordered so many. 🥴

ennui 🤖 99 days ago

Getting glasses soon, hopefully this'll be a solution to my headaches.

ennui 💀 102 days ago

Another day another headache.

ennui 🌧️ 109 days ago

What's even the point

ennui 💻 114 days ago

Slowly adding things to site. Also in pain. Also wanna die.

ennui 📚 116 days ago

Finally got my chocolate and my library books, I'm good to go.

ennui 🙂 117 days ago

If anyone wants to link back to each others sites please let me know

ennui 🍦 118 days ago

I just want chocolate!

ennui 🐱 124 days ago

I just wanna go home 😞

ennui 🌧️ 128 days ago

This hurricane needs to fuck off 😒

ennui 😡 130 days ago

The etsy algorithm is such trash, I'm looking for keychains not everything BUT keychains! Ughhhh

ennui 🌧️ 131 days ago

I miss wearing a mask while out, it helped with my anxiety immensely.

ennui 👽 132 days ago

Why does the tamanotchi site never load for me anymoreee

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