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Hello!!!! I just discovered the new old internet and it's sooo cool :3


encrypteddvjjrxv 😭 2 days ago

I lost the second plank page of paper I'm supposed to hand in on Wednesday T~T

encrypteddvjjrxv ✏️ 7 days ago

Never underestimate the cunning of a pirate; or a fox, for that matter!

encrypteddvjjrxv 🤔 17 days ago

is it just me or are genuinely a lot of people all sick at the same time rn????

encrypteddvjjrxv 🤐 18 days ago

Every programming course for people my age is boring af. I just want to code adult stuff, since I'm clearly capable of doing that...

encrypteddvjjrxv ✈️ 19 days ago

benny from the lego movie was 1000% person autistic... SPACESHIP!!!!!

encrypteddvjjrxv 🙂 21 days ago

school? schedule being finished days after the end of holidays? NUH UH

encrypteddvjjrxv 💡 22 days ago

I'm learning rust! (the language (for programming (safely)))

encrypteddvjjrxv 🎲 24 days ago

School starts tmr, and they haven't even finished the schedule yet...

encrypteddvjjrxv 💀 26 days ago

pro tip: never look yourself up on google search

encrypteddvjjrxv 🙂 27 days ago

my site is out there now, and I don't know if I should give a fuck

encrypteddvjjrxv 💀 27 days ago

I did it!! The game of life has been implemented!!!

encrypteddvjjrxv 🙂 29 days ago

who the hell was making webkit and decided "oh i know, i'll design the scrollbar css to CONSTANTLY BREAK"

encrypteddvjjrxv 💻 29 days ago

how does one make the background of a website into conway's game of life??????

encrypteddvjjrxv 💾 31 days ago

I feel like a lot of people stole that one "NEOCITIES: THE WEB IS YOURS" button and just recolored it (myself included)

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