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emily 🖤 52 days ago

i think i found out how to make some custom emojis on my site. im actually learning javascript and im becoming unstoppable

emily 🖤 166 days ago

why are people on stackoverflow so mean. "oh you would die without 2 digit years?" no bro i just want the short year what th ehell 😭

emily 😭 297 days ago

my button was 2px too small this whole time

emily 🖤 316 days ago

its really interesting seeing my status profile after making so many changes to my site :O i made it match but now only the lace edges match

emily 🖤 322 days ago

i worked ALLLL day on it yesterday but i finally got a form up for stamp requests

emily 🖤 329 days ago

i didnt get to work on my site today </3 but i did discover a horse sim JUST LIKE one i played as a kid and i was on it all day ♥

emily 🖤 332 days ago

i mustnt before i finish more pages on my site..

emily 🖤 332 days ago

ooooo i kinda want to start making templates and sharing code

emily 🖤 333 days ago

breaking news im fucng sleby

emily 🖤 334 days ago

i cant believe status profiles are this customizable can more sites be this way pleaseee

emily 🖤 335 days ago

i wish i knew how easy image borders were years ago my life is CHANGED

emily 🖤 335 days ago


emily 🖤 335 days ago

ive been working on my site soo long today im gonna fall into a coma when i finally go to sleep