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dream of deep, stay asleep ♪

enjoyer of visual novels, horror, anime/manga, agriculture & anthropology. favorite games include rune factory 4(S), we know the devil, higurashi, signalis, rule of rose, and pathologic.


elster 🌙 9 days ago

RIV 3DS 🪦 official network is dead. so many memories

elster 🌱 13 days ago

replaying tale of two towns as an adult now. nostalgic but the pace is so slow ... ( _ _)

elster 🌙 21 days ago

going on vacation but its expected to be raining the whole time (TヘT)

elster 🎮 25 days ago

enjoying time with friends doing a new 100% run for sdv 1.6 (‾◡◝)

elster 📰 28 days ago

getting the hang of css. slowly. need to fix up my personal sites...

elster 💤 28 days ago

without love, it cannot be seen