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I'm here sometimes.


elpis ☕️ 2 hours ago

Today a customer told me "it's not right if it's not weird" when my register was weird for not working. I'm thinking about that right now.

elpis ☕️ 37 days ago

I want to love and live and learn and laugh.

elpis 😭 102 days ago

Everytime I declare I'll work on my neocities I get distracted by something else and it's been this way for a week now heelppp

elpis 🙂 109 days ago

I love feeding peoples' tamanotchis if you have one and you see it's full teehee that was me<3

elpis 🎶 116 days ago

The best thing about not living withyour parents and having your own income is you can buy anything you want like sooo many plushies!!!!!!!!

elpis 🙂 125 days ago

I love checking my emails

elpis 🌧️ 130 days ago

I wish people would make the fonts of their sites bigger, I hate shrimping in my seat and squinting my eyes just to read Dx

elpis 😯 134 days ago

Men are so gross

elpis 🤔 143 days ago

I got stress gummies to see if it'd help with my anxiety and it's working I feel so normal person

elpis 🙂 162 days ago

WHY DO MY EMOJIS ALWAYS MESS UP WHENEVER I POST ON HWRE. Fuck it my mood is forever mysterious you must interpret my feelings ykurself

elpis 🥹 162 days ago

I feel so overworked

elpis 🤖 166 days ago


elpis 🤐 166 days ago

I need something good to happen to me

elpis 🥹 169 days ago

Oh noooooo I think I am sick

elpis 🤔 173 days ago

Got some motivation to work on my about page... maybe I'll do that on one of my days off

elpis 🤒 179 days ago

Anxiety attacks and panic attacks should not share the same symptoms. At least I'm alive

elpis 👽 185 days ago

"I need to get to updating my neocities site" I say as I proceed to play videogame

elpis 🔥 193 days ago

Just had a very yummilicious sandwich