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hello~ i like to share my thoughts on food, music, and anything else that crosses my mind! visit my site or leave a comment below if you’d like to say hi (✯◡✯)
pic of the day:


elliot 💻 159 days ago

practicing my mediocre web design skills on neocities yet againnnn

elliot 🛹 166 days ago

can’t wait to get better at driving stick in the brz ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

elliot 🐶 178 days ago

staying home from work tomorrow while my pup recovers from surgery :( poor guys all beat up

elliot 🌱 257 days ago

made some crazy music yesterday with my basil plant hooked up to a synthesizer, excited to make more !!!

elliot 💀 272 days ago

piclog elephant took my lunch money and is haunting my dreams send help

elliot 🎶 275 days ago

vaporwave on k hits different ♪♪♪ ヽ(ˇ∀ˇ )ゞ

elliot 💻 279 days ago

just remembered my ancient neopets login info~ it’s been fun exploring the site again, all my dragons are still chilling over there🐉

elliot 🌮 279 days ago

ordered chicken nachos & a chimichanga from the new mexican place in town, it was good but so much food ..・ヾ(。><)シ