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dstbnnyjp ✏️ 14 hours ago

i stopped journaling for a bit but i'm starting to get back into it again

dstbnnyjp 🔥 5 days ago

omg it's so mISERABLY HOT RN

dstbnnyjp ✏️ 8 days ago

must. write about. rpg maker games. >.<

dstbnnyjp 🤔 12 days ago

now that i've finished the sample instrument i'm in the phase of looking for a new project to dump all of my time into lol

dstbnnyjp 😎 20 days ago

the sampler instrument i'm working on is VERY close to being done! super excited to share it with everyone!

dstbnnyjp 🤔 26 days ago

man, lately i wanna do so many things at once! if i could just duplicate myself..

dstbnnyjp 🙃 38 days ago

been playing guitar for almost 10 years and JUST learned that i've been picking wrong and that's why it hurts to play for long lol

dstbnnyjp 🙃 40 days ago

somehow hecked my headphone cable (again) and now i have to re-solder the wire connections.. AGAIN

dstbnnyjp 😭 46 days ago

make a sample library i said, it'll be fun and easy i said, recording every patch on this toy keyboard won't take a million years i said lol

dstbnnyjp ✏️ 55 days ago

finally feeling in a write-y mood again so i think i'm gonna work on those RPG Maker game write-ups!

dstbnnyjp 😯 56 days ago

my bass strings have been so dead lately (think i spilled gin on it last week LOL), just boiled them, hopefully the tone'll last

dstbnnyjp 🎶 59 days ago

can NOT believe it took me this long to listen to plastic death by glass beach, fUCK

dstbnnyjp 🥰 60 days ago

i've never felt more connected online than i have this past year with engaging with the more personal side of the web

dstbnnyjp 🥰 63 days ago

was messing around w/ SynthV last night, soooo fun!

dstbnnyjp 🥱 65 days ago

one day at an anime convention is enough social interaction for the rest of the month, i think lmao

dstbnnyjp 🤔 67 days ago

y'know, koishi komeji's heart-throbbing adventure really had a lack of koishi komeiji after the halfway point lol

dstbnnyjp ❤️ 68 days ago


dstbnnyjp 🎤 77 days ago

finally busting out the cassette recorder again today! i miss recording with tape

dstbnnyjp 😯 80 days ago

watched Akira for the first time w/ friends last night, nothing could've prepared me for what that movie ended up being about LMAO

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