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dstbnnyjp 🥱 12 days ago

all i wanna do today is play guitar and hang with my dogs

dstbnnyjp 🙂 14 days ago

was gonna nap through class but turns out it got cancelled anyway lol

dstbnnyjp 🎮 15 days ago

played some games for the first time in like a month woo

dstbnnyjp 💀 19 days ago

forgot to take my meds this morning, so it is a SLEEPY day at uni today

dstbnnyjp 😴 29 days ago

i have officially obliterated my sleep schedule lmao

dstbnnyjp 🙃 42 days ago

wandering around for 10 min looking for a table to eat at is certainly my fav part of university

dstbnnyjp ❄️ 44 days ago

extreme cold warning go brrrr