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dreamykitty ❀️ 18 days ago

just saw the episode of the big bang theory where sheldon proposes and omg!

dreamykitty 😴 22 days ago

today was fun but also EXTREMELY exhausting..

dreamykitty 😭 25 days ago

all I want to do is play ddv on my steam deck but it keeps crashing..

dreamykitty 😭 25 days ago

sinus infections are the worst!

dreamykitty 😭 28 days ago

I really want to start blogging but adding a blog to my neocities seems so complicated.. at least one that isn't purely html based..

dreamykitty ❀️ 29 days ago

feels so good to be able to start working out againπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

dreamykitty πŸ™ƒ 30 days ago

ravens game was super disappointing.. now to figure out what game I want to play πŸ€”

dreamykitty πŸ™‚ 30 days ago

been making my way through all of the old 00's spiderman movies and today we watched spiderman 3!

dreamykitty πŸ’€ 30 days ago

watching the women's royal rumble and so far r truth has been the best part..

dreamykitty 😢 31 days ago

feeling so out of it today.. I don't really know what to do with myself..

dreamykitty ✨ 35 days ago

been wanting to work on my website a bit more but I'm having too much fun playing palworld πŸ˜…

dreamykitty ❀️ 43 days ago

kitty snuggles on the couch are literally the best thing ever! β™‘

dreamykitty 🌈 43 days ago

the strong urge i have to start up my tamagotchi on again

dreamykitty 😭 43 days ago

it's finally snowing here... i need a beach asap