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just trying to fuck around and find out
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dreadgirl 🥺 237 days ago

reeeally not optimistic about the bloodlines sequel, and their generic dark pop song 'midnights' ain't helping

dreadgirl 😴 241 days ago

falling asleep content for once

dreadgirl 🎬 243 days ago

can't wait to smuggle a bunch of contraband snacks into the crossroads showing tonight like it's 2001 all over again

dreadgirl 🎶 244 days ago

the eternal jukebox is absolutely vital to my coding process 8)

dreadgirl 😭 244 days ago

whoever managed to snag the 'dreadgirl' proton address... i am Envious!

dreadgirl 🌧️ 245 days ago

so tired of the rain! this goth prefers the sun

dreadgirl ✨ 246 days ago

sending all the good vibes to my meech so she can finally have some good fucking food

dreadgirl ❤️ 246 days ago

'bouta have a nice fall fire!!

dreadgirl 💾 246 days ago

i feel like such a coding n00b!! the last time i was making websites HTML 4 was the standard

dreadgirl 😭 247 days ago

not my bitch ass nearly having an autistic meltdown bc the browser kept screwing up while trying to buy crossroads tickets

dreadgirl 💀 248 days ago

the SAD sads are really kicking my ass this year

dreadgirl 🙃 260 days ago

why tf did i stay up so late