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Don't mind me, I'm just here to write random stuff that are too short to write about on my blog.
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drawcia 🌙 3 days ago

STRAWBERRY MIKU SOON!! THEY JUST CHARGED ME!! While the price still makes me want to kms, it ended up being $10 cheaper than expected!

drawcia 🌙 6 days ago

Downloading every Persona concert CD 💛 I always get my music on FLAC when posible, I should invest in some earbuds.... But theyre uncomfy

drawcia 🌙 15 days ago

the way the mirror ability isnt on kirby & the amazing mirror still fucks me up

drawcia 🌙 21 days ago

Why is P4U's file so large!! It's literally pixels and text & zero 3D. I need a sd card, but Im saving up for a external harddrive @.@

drawcia 🌙 21 days ago

experiencing a huge cultural gap rn (new dgs fans refering to asougi as kazuma) (why are you on 1st name basis on him)

drawcia ❤️ 25 days ago


drawcia 🌙 26 days ago

I wish you could give gifts outside S.link dates, I want to give Yusuke his daily luch. I even would draw a heart on his omelette w ketchup.

drawcia 🌙 32 days ago

1st day of trying to be productive & i overslept @.@ Maybe I should put Mr. Kazuma Asougi as my alarm again....

drawcia 🌙 36 days ago

literally what am i supposed to do without my lc girlies, shaymin dont do this please...

drawcia 🌙 38 days ago

i saw a black dot on my cinna keychain's ear, passed my finger thru to removeit & it gave cinna a permanent black sratch on his face? :_3

drawcia 🌙 39 days ago

LC whats happening to you

drawcia 🌙 42 days ago

nanako won persona champions, deserved!!

drawcia 🌙 45 days ago

my friend is at a small con & she called me just to tell me her peace has been disturbed because she saw an akechi cosplayer lmao

drawcia 🌙 47 days ago

futaba is so cute.... i want to give her a cupcake or something

drawcia 🌙 52 days ago

Every game should have a nintendo DS demake

drawcia 🌙 54 days ago

WORLDS 1ST FURRY NENDOROID!! Shes so cute omg, I have never preordered smething this fast

drawcia 🌙 55 days ago

wait, rivers in the desert ISNT the bgm for the desert-themed palacr???

drawcia 🍔 56 days ago

My brain has been playing Onett's theme for a week on repeat... I associate december w EB because I replayed it last year on this month

drawcia 🌙 59 days ago

How does navigation on mementos work like, the global map is understandable but the navi between floors os terrible. Also where's joselito.

drawcia 🌙 59 days ago

Shoutout to the queen in front of me watching ace attorney at the bus

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