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Don't mind me, I'm just here to write random stuff that are too short to write about on my blog.
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drawcia πŸŒ™ 3 days ago

P3 REMAKES RUMOURS AGAIN.... if forum user lolilolailo is messing with us they got their days counted

drawcia πŸŒ™ 5 days ago

in denial about slullabye being an adult, twitter ppl please refrain from talking (following the drama has been entertaining tho)

drawcia πŸŒ™ 5 days ago

Stageplay Yukari is so funny, shes literally "My father is dead and I'm at the border of collapse πŸ₯°", shes like manic Kotone

drawcia πŸŒ™ 6 days ago

Wrote a Huge thrist post about Makoto, cant wait to get my callout on 6 months when someone finally decides to read my site's content lol

drawcia πŸŒ™ 7 days ago

Sucks i cant write, i need thanatos raiing makoto as much as i need air. Luckily my fave p3 artist drew some of that, thanks u queen πŸ–€

drawcia πŸŒ™ 8 days ago

the bus was blue too, matching with miku

drawcia πŸŒ™ 8 days ago

saw a giant miku ad in one of our urban public buses?? i couldnt read what it was advertising or take a pic tho, i hope i see another one

drawcia πŸŒ™ 9 days ago

They got LC??? :( I'm more of a CC girlie, but I liked to lurk on LC from time to time... Hope it gets back soon

drawcia πŸŒ™ 11 days ago

Preordered P5R yesterday & today the same page announced a version w a shirt for just $2 more :\ So unfair.....

drawcia πŸŒ™ 13 days ago

If the physical copies of P5R in the west are limited to that lame $200 collector edition im kms

drawcia πŸŒ™ 13 days ago

Ok but fr, when will the P5R preorders start, the game literally comes out in a month 😭

drawcia πŸŒ™ 13 days ago

In the same vein... Pls take a moment everyday to thanks we dont have to code using tables anymore. I love you divs.

drawcia πŸŒ™ 13 days ago

I used to think ppl were masochistic for coding on notepad, but now I kind of get it... It just feels different

drawcia πŸŒ™ 13 days ago

The clycle of life: I see robot -> I fall in love with robot -> I spent too much money on robot merch. (Resisting my urges rn..... @.@)

drawcia πŸŒ™ 14 days ago

I wish they had remaked one of the Kirby pixel games instead, KRTDL feels like a waste since it is already 3D/polished. Still pretty tho.

drawcia πŸŒ™ 15 days ago

Staff doesn't sent me the recovery mail for my tumblr, so it's currently on a chokehold by my phone because I'm still loged in on it

drawcia πŸŒ™ 16 days ago

Seeing other people doing good makes me feel good too, is happinesss contagious? οΌˆοΌΎβˆ€οΌΎβ—οΌ‰οΎ‰ο½Ό

drawcia πŸŒ™ 17 days ago

Starting my last college year in a week, I'm pretty scared >.< In just 9 months I will be out looking for a job...

drawcia πŸŒ™ 20 days ago

The only thing I could trust on this world (bread) just betrayed me for the first time ever.... Nothing is ok anymore

drawcia πŸŒ™ 22 days ago

ORDERED MIKU FRESITA.... 11K yen for a 10cm figure, I will never financially recover from this lmao

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