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Toki 18 years old


draculavhs 😴 9 days ago

im so exhausted today and sore all over ugh

draculavhs 🤒 19 days ago

im so nervous about moving out and living by myself

draculavhs 📚 44 days ago

good news I find out who my roommate is tomorrow bad new I have jury duty

draculavhs 😴 47 days ago

finally back home from georgia im so exausted

draculavhs 🌧️ 65 days ago

i NEED to declutter

draculavhs 😱 67 days ago

ap exams tomorrow im gonna flop so hard noooo

draculavhs 🧐 82 days ago

Wtf am I supposed to buy for my dorm T_T

draculavhs 🌈 90 days ago

trying another soda flavor. bazooka bubblegim

draculavhs 👽 92 days ago

doctor who marathon night!!

draculavhs 😎 107 days ago

officially enrolled in college

draculavhs 🌈 124 days ago

been playing sooo much pjsekai lately

draculavhs 🥳 131 days ago

got into my top choice college yayyy

draculavhs 😱 138 days ago

eeeeee applying to colleges... my top pick should respond in a few days...

draculavhs 🌧️ 144 days ago

I got dental aligners and god do my teeth hurt

draculavhs 🥺 144 days ago

dulce de leche save me... save me ducle de leche..

draculavhs 🥰 145 days ago

passed the ACT yayy

draculavhs 😱 156 days ago

i have the ACT tommrorow morning

draculavhs 😶 186 days ago

Realized I haven't updated my site in a while ~ have been watching doctor who and preparing for finals

draculavhs 🥰 252 days ago

Had yummy pizza and am chilling with my lizard

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