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whatever happens, happens.


dpi0 😎 44 days ago

back with tmux

dpi0 🙂 61 days ago

trying to work hard.

dpi0 💀 62 days ago

friendship ended with tmux, now zellij is my best friend.

dpi0 🤩 63 days ago

i am completely convinced that linux is just better.

dpi0 🤒 72 days ago

have to rebuild life.

dpi0 🥹 77 days ago

holy macaroni! hyprland is smackaroni!!

dpi0 🥱 89 days ago

hard picking a late night film

dpi0 🥳 89 days ago

bookmarklet is nice as well!

dpi0 💀 89 days ago

sweet! now i can post how shitty my daily routine is and drop this info into the void this corner of the internet is, looking forward to it!

dpi0 ❤️ 89 days ago

i use arch btw.

dpi0 🔥 89 days ago

right this widget seems to be working, gonna try adding some styling to it, lezzzz goooooooo

dpi0 🙂 89 days ago


dpi0 😎 89 days ago

gonna add this status widget to my site now

dpi0 🥃 93 days ago

watching david fincher movies rn.