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doubletrea 👽 246 days ago

it's cold and i have sooooo mmuch to do arghhhh...

doubletrea 🎨 253 days ago

i wanna try watercolors again.....

doubletrea 🤐 255 days ago

oooouh there's sooo much schoolwork to do this week

doubletrea 💻 261 days ago

schoolwork all day...

doubletrea 🐶 262 days ago

gonna go on a walk today with my dog!

doubletrea 🌧️ 264 days ago

still cloudy out!!!!

doubletrea 🍞 264 days ago

i'm really really hungry .... didn't get any breakfast

doubletrea ✏️ 265 days ago

i think i'm gonna do some drawing tonight!

doubletrea 🌧️ 265 days ago

it's really cloudy out... it rained super hard yesterday, and it's not looking like it's gonna clear up...