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Hi! I'm dorkbutt, or Eve. I wish to express myself creatively through writing and hopefully figure out who I am.


dorkbutt 😛 164 days ago

hell yeah, new keyboard, new place for my computer, new me!

dorkbutt 🎶 166 days ago

just got three x61 thinkpads from work, gonna see what i can do with them!

dorkbutt 🤖 183 days ago

cracking into emacs for good this time! actually sitting down and reading through the tutorial is not as bad as i initially thought.

dorkbutt 😎 192 days ago

just got a debian installation on my daily driver with a theme that i actually like for once!

dorkbutt ✨ 207 days ago

Slowly finding the kick in the butt to start being creative again!