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he/him. strong bad's boyfriend


doompy 😶 24 days ago

overworked overwhelmed overstimulated and considering setting myself on fire

doompy 😎 40 days ago

living la vida loca (dying of the plague)

doompy 🤒 42 days ago

ouhg........ sick as hell. ill

doompy 🐱 46 days ago

cat feeder livestream my belivestream

doompy 😎 47 days ago

calmest beetle in the world

doompy 😡 47 days ago

if that guy doesnt stop clicking his pen i will personally stab him in the jugular with it

doompy 🙂 47 days ago

in "Worst Mood Ever", need 500 bucks. or a kiss from strong bad

doompy 🧐 48 days ago

whyd they call the baby jesus tender and mild. were they gonna eat him ?the baby jeusus?

doompy 🥰 52 days ago

strong bad........... oh my darling boy my handsome man i kissing you 1000000 times i love you so much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 strong bad <3 <3 <3

doompy 😴 52 days ago

eeby sleeby

doompy 🥳 54 days ago

teacher said im really good at blender and im still thinking about it. i so Joyous

doompy 💻 54 days ago

i think my website is mad at me

doompy 😡 54 days ago

the stress is consuming me. im going to start biting people