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F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for ukelele, N is for anywhere and anytime at all, down here in the deep blue sea!

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doodlebob 🍾 51 days ago

Happy new year! I forgot to update my status for a bit haha

doodlebob ☀️ 212 days ago

waking up early is only fun when I don't do it often

doodlebob 🌈 213 days ago

saw a rainbow today!

doodlebob 🤖 217 days ago

working on a new site

doodlebob 🐶 230 days ago

puppy's been so lovey with me lately. he's napping next to me right now

doodlebob 📱 231 days ago

microblogging is way better than talking to someone 1 on 1

doodlebob 💤 239 days ago

hate not being able to sleep

doodlebob 💾 240 days ago

doing computer stuff

doodlebob 🐶 240 days ago

I love using my iphone 4. wish it were still supported

doodlebob ☕️ 241 days ago

i need something to do other than web surf

doodlebob 💡 242 days ago

thinking about making a version of my site for old browsers

doodlebob 🌈 243 days ago

updating my status from iOS 6! how cool!

doodlebob 🌧️ 243 days ago

setting up my status cafe! it's storming today