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silliest man on planet earth


dollcup7z 🫖 4 hours ago

ill fix it later

dollcup7z 🫖 8 days ago


dollcup7z 🫖 15 days ago

uh oh imstarting 2 hate my homepage agian

dollcup7z 🫖 21 days ago

why arent u steel type chimecho

dollcup7z 🫖 27 days ago

box-sizing: border-box; is my friend

dollcup7z 🫖 28 days ago

not sure what i wna work on next..need 2 figure out what i wna do 4 the bgs

dollcup7z 🙂 29 days ago

i luv my website already!!!!!!1 need 2 finish my rambles page so i can go crazy x^) cant wait

dollcup7z 🫖 33 days ago

my luv 4 dashed borders has been revived

dollcup7z 🫖 39 days ago


dollcup7z 🫖 87 days ago


dollcup7z 🙂 87 days ago

do u know what i should dooooooooooooooo :^)

dollcup7z 🫖 92 days ago

feeling lotsof things

dollcup7z 🫖 93 days ago

jesuschirst i cant get this SCALLOPINF glitch 2 workim gna kms

dollcup7z 🫖 93 days ago

HELLO! finally working on my website again

dollcup7z 🫖 192 days ago

the sun is IN YM EYES

dollcup7z 🫖 197 days ago

my website looks so stupid righgt noew

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