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Hi, I'm Dog.


dog ☕️ 4 days ago

eating indian food, got some chai, and getting back to updating my site :)

dog 🌧️ 28 days ago

sucks to go through those things you can't tell anyone about

dog ❤️ 34 days ago

flexbox is becoming my new love

dog 🙂 35 days ago

tired of my shitty sleep schedule so i'm just staying up all today so i don't fall asleep at 10 am and wake up at 7 pm anymore

dog 🤔 35 days ago

what? I joined the hotline webring and got 2nd on the list. I thought it was a fluke at first when the prev linked to the owner

dog 🌙 36 days ago

I created my first blog post, check it out. I wrote while listening to fireplace sounds through the player I added, it was really soothing.

dog 🎱 36 days ago

Just made this account for my blog :)