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dmon 😇 262 days ago

i need to be lobotomized

dmon ❤️ 264 days ago

calling ppls opinions and criticisms of me fan theories

dmon 🎱 265 days ago

i think i made you up inside of my head

dmon 😴 266 days ago

babey mode

dmon 🤔 267 days ago

the prophesized vivid dreams&visions i keep experiencing are rlly getting hard to cope w actually

dmon 😇 268 days ago

feelin brand new

dmon 🎲 270 days ago

you j like the attention.

dmon 🥺 272 days ago

anyone else absolutely given up

dmon ❤️ 275 days ago

im ur cordiform machine, baby!

dmon 🥰 276 days ago

convinced im hexxed by unknown malicious forces but its probably fine

dmon 💀 276 days ago

in the dark souls 3 of life right now

dmon 💤 277 days ago

ur in my dreams forever

dmon 🥱 278 days ago

the dumbest girl alive reporting 4 active duty

dmon 🥳 278 days ago

actually winning the idgaf war

dmon 😡 279 days ago

i j want to play monster hunter this is bullshit

dmon 😇 280 days ago

all these prophetic visions but so little time

dmon ✨ 280 days ago

felt creepy and offputtingly beautiful @ work today....gender euphoria

dmon 🤔 281 days ago

damn bitch i wish you could manifest a personality

dmon 😡 281 days ago

ps2 games n getting fried like an egg!!!!!!

dmon 🤔 282 days ago

is it time we start normalizing public screaming

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