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divineslight 🙂 192 days ago

this will be over soon right?

divineslight 🙂 266 days ago

Baseline dopamine is so lowww. :((

divineslight 🙂 268 days ago

How to boost dopamine production?

divineslight 🙂 271 days ago

So this drug was causing me sleep apnea

divineslight 🙂 282 days ago

A support of someone goes a long way in trouble

divineslight ❄️ 291 days ago

How to fuck up a prefectly normal life. A book. by me

divineslight 🙂 299 days ago

Had really bad half week, due to my own stupidity. well

divineslight 🙂 305 days ago

Weekend flies when you have friends....

divineslight 🙂 317 days ago

Catching up on South Park, life is goood!!

divineslight 🙂 328 days ago

Ah the weekend. To waste playing league or to work on hobby projects??

divineslight 🙂 329 days ago

Programming all day gets exhausting sometimes

divineslight 🙂 331 days ago

Good productive day. OMW home to work on hobby projects

divineslight 🙂 332 days ago

Working too much makes me panic :/

divineslight 🙂 332 days ago

An epusode of Star Trek: The Next Generation before sleep is so soothing and cathartic.

divineslight 🙂 342 days ago

Rins of Power final was good

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