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sasha 🫀 she/ze/it. on neocities 👆👆👆


dissectiongirl 🤐 14 days ago


dissectiongirl 🤐 31 days ago

gthe review page is never happening x'D

dissectiongirl 🤐 62 days ago

should actually write out my oc universe but all I do is draw gay shit of them instead

dissectiongirl 🤐 88 days ago

sasha do not redo your home page layout. do not do it. IT'S FINE. MOVE ON.

dissectiongirl 🤐 105 days ago

what if I said that I'm putting off finally updating my review page because I'm insecure huh. what then. my life is a sham

dissectiongirl 🤐 189 days ago


dissectiongirl 🤐 222 days ago

I seriously have no idea what to do with my blog page or what I get out of it. this is something I can only figure out over time

dissectiongirl 🤐 230 days ago

I've been at low spoons every day since my last semester ended I didn't get anything done this summer. should I kill myself