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I'm Disil, your typical depressed high school teenager who tries to get scholarship so he can go to Europe.


disil ☀️ 264 days ago

got motivated after listening to One Moment In Time, because I can relate to it now.

disil 🎬 270 days ago

swiss army man is really good that im still crying bout it after 1 month since i watched it

disil 💡 271 days ago

maybe, just maybe, I could get a scholarship!

disil 🥱 275 days ago

bruh school is here. time for endless grinding agaim :-[

disil 😎 284 days ago

trying out MRT in Jakarta. Holy shit it's so fast

disil 🤩 286 days ago

HOI4 really does suck your life all day. But it's worth it!

disil 💀 289 days ago

my mom literally angry at me because I spent my holiday gaming. I felt like I just want to get terminal cancer

disil 😂 298 days ago

just learned about the Reddit fiasco. very chaotic lul

disil 😶 298 days ago

failed a debate competition. what do I do now so I can still go to England? let's just hope i won the economics olympiad thing.

disil 🔥 303 days ago

Good luck Indonesia vs Argentina!! Don't think IDN will win, but its still a fun moment to watch this match

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