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Couldn’t tell you.


dirk 🔥 187 days ago

Finally getting put on ADHD stims. Maybe I’ll actually become a functioning member of society now? My power level will not be suppressed.

dirk 💤 210 days ago

I forget this website exists up until I have the urge to complain into a www.void. Anyway, I landed a new job handling legal documents.

dirk 💤 250 days ago

Hmm. Back on Zoloft, it’s been a while. Wellbutrin 300mg -> 450mg because fuck it, that’s why. Let’s see how this goes.

dirk 👽 293 days ago


dirk 🤖 304 days ago

HAL despawned. Luckily, nobody will miss him, and a replacement has been reverse-engineered accordingly.

dirk 🎶 312 days ago

If I spontaneously disappeared there would be 0 consequences all around, and that is such a wildly stimulating thought actually.

dirk 🤒 317 days ago

To say very little is going on in my life right now is a gross understatement, and yet I have all the mental stability of the opposite. ?

dirk 🧐 326 days ago

Man. I have feelings, and I would describe them as something absolutely, off-the-wall crazy, like “mildly annoyed”.

dirk 🙂 328 days ago

Important life update:

dirk 💻 335 days ago

What is it about coding that is just so freakishly engaging? It’s impossible to tear myself away once I start. Could also just be my ADHD.

dirk 💾 347 days ago

Somethin’ weird going on in my head lately.

dirk 👽 349 days ago

Stomach feels bad in that imaginary sort of way.

dirk 🍞 350 days ago

Today was just kind of like that, I guess.

dirk 🎶 351 days ago

When you winning, they come back around just like a boomerang.

dirk ☕️ 354 days ago

I don’t work hard enough for myself. And when I do, it seems to backfire in very roundabout ways. (Not a vent, just an observation.)

dirk 🎮 355 days ago

Can’t wait to be seeded for a div in Splatoon comp. Still putting my money on div5, lowest. My team’s kind of all over the place skill-wise.

dirk 🥳 357 days ago

Feel like such a loser lately. All my friends are getting their lives together and my dumbass is still collecting unemployment after layoff.

dirk 🌙 361 days ago

My sleep schedule is just a bunch of horseshit right now. What’s a guy got to do to get his consciousness obliterated before 3 AM.

dirk 💻 368 days ago

RESEA has got to be the most embarrassingly useless waste of time ever. At least if you aren’t technologically inept, anyway.

dirk 🛹 372 days ago

Figures I’d activate on 4/13.