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Jason, Librarian.


director 🥃 56 days ago

gin and/or tonic

director ✏️ 58 days ago


director 💻 62 days ago

up and running with my pi zero w

director ☕️ 65 days ago

It's Coffee Time

director 🤐 66 days ago

falling apart at the seams

director 💀 68 days ago

Spooky movie soundtrack of the day: Profondo Rosso by Goblin

director 😴 70 days ago

sent my book chapter in

director 😎 73 days ago

It is a real feed. :)

director 📖 73 days ago

office hours

director 🙂 75 days ago

Just posted at the Anxiety. Godzilla vs. Megalon. Drug. Cry.

director 😎 79 days ago

bought another key

director 😯 79 days ago

buying another key???

director ☕️ 79 days ago

very much time for a coffee

director 🥃 80 days ago

old fashioned, community, writing at

director 😭 80 days ago

I just need my kid to stop hitting his teacher.

director ✅ 81 days ago

making a list of technical tasks and needs for a virtual conference

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