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dinosaur 😂 10 days ago

played in stars and time recently. they weren't kidding that timeloop can bring me to tears

dinosaur 🥺 80 days ago

it's finally starting to get warmer. but its still so fucking cold. for the love of god take me to warm spring

dinosaur 💔 149 days ago

Update: the sleep schedule is worse

dinosaur 😱 180 days ago

Need to get more images for my JPOG shrine but I'm not excited for that game to constantly be crashing on me

dinosaur 🤒 194 days ago

The depression is winning 😭 straight up need to go to college about it bc i literally can't stand having nothing to do and work SUCKS

dinosaur 😭 207 days ago

my sleep schedule is fucked to hell for the love of god help me

dinosaur 😯 231 days ago

Spacehey got a mobile app... but i bet the moderation is still nonexistent like i heard it was before :-(

dinosaur 🥰 232 days ago

ocs w friends is so fun :-)

dinosaur 😂 246 days ago

I love how there's genuinely no good options for alt social medias btw.

dinosaur 😱 247 days ago


dinosaur 🙃 249 days ago

The automatic email leak news is... interesting. Unfortunate for tumblr's future of improving if true.

dinosaur 🤔 251 days ago

hey wait status cafe has a character limit? That makes sense but damn. I had a thought i needed way more space for

dinosaur ❄️ 258 days ago

It's cold again and i can only be warm by being scared of a bug... damn you blood flow issues!!!

dinosaur 💀 259 days ago

Getting higher temperatures in late October... i can't believe people are expecting us to be ok living like this...

dinosaur 💔 284 days ago

literally so cringe that discord isn't gonna let you hotlink images from there anymore. now i have to resave and relink so much shit

dinosaur ✨ 300 days ago

been updating a bunch of stuff to be more in line with the aesthetic of my site!

dinosaur 🥰 339 days ago

working on my oc universe, excited to be able to show it off!