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hello! im ding and here are my thoughts


ding 💻 18 days ago

its just me and my barbillion tabs against the world...

ding ❤️ 23 days ago

small joy in life #2389: when my letterboxd recently watched movies all share a colour palette!!

ding 😛 38 days ago

Got a copy of God of war Ragnarok for my bday! Makes me miss physical cd's and DVDs though. Either way, can't wait to play! (hozier ILY)

ding 🥹 53 days ago

Just got rejected after feeling like I did well in the interview... Is it time to upskill even though my career hasn't even started....

ding ❄️ 60 days ago

"its december and nobody asked if i was ready" oh sarah kay we're really in it now

ding ❤️ 61 days ago

another year of being in the top 0.005% of soup enjoyers

ding 🫖 67 days ago

the world is big, please let me stay little

ding 🎲 83 days ago

just GMed for my first TTRPG session! it's percy jackson themed heh. scary but fun and my players enjoyed it so im living off that high!

ding 📚 88 days ago

Just bought Terraform on the recommendation of Jacob Geller. Can't wait to watch (read) worlds burn :)!

ding 🤒 97 days ago

Do you ever just feel hurhhogougughhhk

ding 💻 118 days ago

working on my professional website but all i wanna do is work on my neocities site and watch twin peaks :(((((

ding 🎤 129 days ago

why music theory hurt brain

ding 🥰 133 days ago

Making soup inside while it rains.... truly romanticizing fall and winning! ❣️

ding 🥳 135 days ago

status cafe makeover done!

ding 🍔 137 days ago

the bear (2022) is good but my heartrate.....soaring

ding 🤐 142 days ago

tried sewing today and it was fun!! but went poorly lol