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dezzrae 🥱 19 days ago

ppl talk shit abt the elderly not being tech savvy then ignore the fact that they were coding their own interfaces.

dezzrae 🍾 77 days ago

Have a hollywood christmas and an undead new year.

dezzrae 😇 87 days ago

it's refreshing to know im not the only one sick of all the fuckin elitist 14 yr olds.

dezzrae 🙂 112 days ago

Don't let past me lie to you, I've recently made my own font in my handwriting. I just haven't bothered to change the links section.

dezzrae ✨ 112 days ago

It's all done now. *twirls finger*

dezzrae 🙂 113 days ago

I could code more and I've more to do but my arm hurts. I'll finish tomorrow. Everything's mostly updated though.

dezzrae 🌧️ 119 days ago

Hanging in there.

dezzrae 🌧️ 124 days ago

I need money.

dezzrae 💀 152 days ago

Yeah I'm getting sick! Sick of putting up with all this horse shit!

dezzrae 🤩 189 days ago

I just learned what logical properties are!! That's super cool! I gotta apply them to my layouts. Maybe make a tutorial abt them later.

dezzrae 🤔 201 days ago

kinda getting in the mood to make some low poly 3d stuff. I dunno what I'd use the assets for though.

dezzrae 🌧️ 207 days ago

I have the brainfog and the frustrates.

dezzrae 👀 209 days ago

If anyone tells you you talk/type too much, gouge both their eyes out and force feed it to them.

dezzrae ☀️ 227 days ago

It's ungodly humid outside D:

dezzrae ☀️ 227 days ago

It's ungodly hot outside D: