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I'm a NEET who spends most of his time playing videogames or coding.


demoissyo 💻 547 days ago

i absolutely love formal emails.. i never get them anymore.

demoissyo 🎨 548 days ago

enjoying some 80s synth pop while cross stitching. would be peaceful if i didnt have to separate each thread, let alone on a tiny desk

demoissyo 🤒 551 days ago

yesterday i felt like killing myself but i watched bluey this morning and it cheered me up. i hope i don't go back to how i felt last night.

demoissyo 🍾 552 days ago

new dokodemo grand opening

demoissyo 🤒 601 days ago

"hopefully i can get this done" me, 40 days ago, still not done because ive been too busy playing splatoon 3.

demoissyo 😶 640 days ago

working on my new homepage, hopefully i can get this finished today without getting distracted again.

demoissyo 🙂 640 days ago

forgot existed. might use this more now.

demoissyo 🙃 693 days ago

woke up at 2 am to some dude i havent talked to in a year blasting the hell out of my phone, i want nothing to do with you. now i cant sleep

demoissyo 😭 709 days ago

it's way too hot i'm practically melting in my room. i live in the attic so it's even worse than the rest of my house. and ive got AC!

demoissyo 🥳 709 days ago

FINALLY I'm back on Status Cafe. Lost the password to my original account