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so much brainrot


demipalladium 🤖 342 days ago

Anxious meltdown era. I hate AI stealing art and writing so much I hate it I hate it. Markus would never

demipalladium ✏️ 351 days ago

shuake girlies (gender-neutral) stay winning

demipalladium 🐶 352 days ago

lorwolf launch lorwolf launch lorwolf launch lorwolf launch lo

demipalladium 🙂 355 days ago

recently I have been trying to get a good grade in "having mental health issues", which is both normal to want and possible to achieve,

demipalladium ✨ 357 days ago

new makeup obtained after a year and a half of not having any yeet

demipalladium 👽 359 days ago

diversity win! your alien abductor respects your pronouns and refuses to out you without your consent! (dreams are great lmao)

demipalladium 🙂 360 days ago

made myself sad by thinking of a fic idea lol

demipalladium 📚 361 days ago

hello statuscafe! speedran a quiz in like 20 mins lets gooooo