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Heyo Im Eddie Webmaster of Deepintheforest/Mindplaceinspace :) Also very fast typer and very supid with grammar. sry


deepintheforest 💤 41 days ago

today has been the wost day in a while...

deepintheforest 💻 52 days ago

ah i just know i wont fall asleep until 3am tomorrow. I want a normal sleep scheduel.

deepintheforest 💤 53 days ago

slept in suuuper late today. still tired.

deepintheforest 🥳 54 days ago

I finally fixed my website! Its working now hopefully.

deepintheforest 😭 57 days ago

Uhrrg. Updated my website yesterday and now its broken.

deepintheforest 💤 58 days ago

I was tired all day after nye but now i have all the energy I need when im supposed to sleep.