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hello i'm cc!
28 / any pronouns / australia

i write fanfic and draw fanart for TF2 and RGG/Like A Dragon/ Yakuza. i also code for fun!


debtdeath 🍏 5 days ago

back 2 WORK im gonna slow down on website updates a bit...

debtdeath 🙂 8 days ago

da weekend soon...

debtdeath ☕️ 11 days ago

vibrating from too much coffee

debtdeath 🤩 14 days ago

oooooo just had the greatest idea. i need to make a website button that looks like a vanity license plate ffFFFFF

debtdeath ✏️ 27 days ago

rotating fic ideas inside my big head

debtdeath ☀️ 33 days ago

was under the sun too long without a hat and sunglasses and got a headache... in winter..... australia sure doesnt fuck around

debtdeath 🏂 42 days ago

realised i never put a sports category in the interests section of my about page... time to fix that

debtdeath 🌙 42 days ago

think im gonna add a dark/light mode toggle button on my website

debtdeath 🍞 52 days ago

made egg muffin with cream cheese and salami for brekky. top tier breakfast

debtdeath 👽 55 days ago

back on the grind (designing an image gallery page for me website)

debtdeath 💡 58 days ago

worked out what adding a style tag in the 'about' section actually does! customisable profiles! fantastic, thank you @emily for the inspo!!!

debtdeath 🌱 59 days ago

workin on gallery pages on me ol website...! gotta Display this Art... also thank you if you left a nice message in my guestbook i LOVE IT

debtdeath 😎 64 days ago

oh hello! i'm finally working on my website and i'm excited about it. *cracks knuckles* let's wrangle this freakin css