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❥ Artist/Writer
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I'm an artist and writer that loves kawaii things, anime, music,and the color pink. Also learning Japanese.

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dazzlinggleam 🌧️ 2 days ago

I keep having bad sleep, and I barely function because of it...

dazzlinggleam 😭 3 days ago

It's freezing in here. My feet are numb. :(

dazzlinggleam ❄️ 7 days ago

It's been snowing for a while, but nothing is sticking to the ground

dazzlinggleam 🙃 9 days ago

I'm working on multiple things at once and it's making my head spin. Why do I keep doing this to myself?

dazzlinggleam 🤔 15 days ago

Still finding a way to add a feed for my blog. Unfortunately, my blog is too much in a different format for m15o's service to work...

dazzlinggleam 🥳 15 days ago

Finally finished my layout on here! Took me a while, but I happy with the results.

dazzlinggleam ✨ 15 days ago

I had a good night's rest and I feel great ⭐

dazzlinggleam 🙂 21 days ago

Trying to find a way to add an RSS feed for my blog. I'll figure it out tomorrow.

dazzlinggleam 🥳 22 days ago

Finally added the widget to my website, and it's lookin good!

dazzlinggleam 😶 23 days ago

Still trying to find a way to fully customize my page. I can only customize the "About" section but not the whole page...

dazzlinggleam ✨ 23 days ago

As my first status, I just want to say how freezing and sunny it is today