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dazed 🥹 322 days ago

wanna take it slow for rn but all of my work has been crammed into this week... just want a break T_T

dazed 🌧️ 371 days ago

i miss summer soo much :( SAD is real and it is coming for me

dazed 😴 389 days ago

i havent coded in so long and i feel so bad

dazed 🌈 426 days ago

my comfort foods currently are chicken nuggets and bagels with cream cheese. Help

dazed 🌈 433 days ago

replaying harvest moon: sunshine islands after a loong time !! this game gives me soo much comfort its so silly @u@

dazed 🤒 443 days ago

vry sick ... gives me a reason 4 me to continue my site but it is annoying having a headache X_X

dazed ❄️ 471 days ago

i love summer but violently sweating is not something i enjoy . :(

dazed 🤖 471 days ago

figured out how to use notepad i am winning rn (help)