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if anyone needs me, i'll be.... over there. dead. and cold and rotten. don't need me kthnxbai //

cosette he/him, it/its

i'm passionate about: bungo stray dogs, banana fish, k project, vocaloid, genshin impact, honkai star rail


dazaistatus 💀 4 days ago

i didn't get yae miko :"(

dazaistatus 🎮 6 days ago

my bf got me persona 5 and ultra despair girls :D

dazaistatus 🤒 10 days ago

So filled with guilt & remorse as usual. I regret so much

dazaistatus 🤔 13 days ago

feel like watching uramichi-oniisan again...

dazaistatus 🎮 20 days ago

...fully aware that i don't have qiqi how does that work

dazaistatus 🎶 20 days ago

nightmares by static-p and lilypichu is my favorite song right now :D

dazaistatus 💀 22 days ago

my religion is fried ice cream, all hail fried ice cream UwU