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dawnvoid 🙂 246 days ago

Time to learn C

dawnvoid 🙂 265 days ago

tfw rec.gif solved

dawnvoid 🙂 287 days ago

Went on a walk today :)

dawnvoid 🙂 290 days ago

Game dev is cool

dawnvoid 🙂 317 days ago

rec.gif haunts me

dawnvoid 🙂 323 days ago

Why is ohio so cold :/

dawnvoid 🙂 325 days ago

Just returned to university, classes start tomorrow

dawnvoid 🙂 328 days ago

Everything's gonna be alright

dawnvoid 🙂 329 days ago

mfw the comment box works, but overriding its theme is *total hell*

dawnvoid 🙂 330 days ago

mfw the css grid layout framework works!! :D