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I love tech and communication, especially together. To God be the glory. ✝

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davidvkimball ✏️ 38 days ago

finally wrote my own web manifesto!

davidvkimball 🥗 39 days ago

helped water our garden and picked some fresh tomatos!

davidvkimball 🌙 42 days ago

It's 1am and it's wonderful outside!

davidvkimball 📖 45 days ago

To spend eternity with Him. Praise God.

davidvkimball 🤔 51 days ago

Life is built upon a set of dependencies.

davidvkimball ☀️ 56 days ago

Just grilled some burgers! 🍔

davidvkimball 😴 58 days ago

Felt better after a conversation. Nighty night.

davidvkimball 🥹 59 days ago

Thankful for how the Lord has blessed my life.

davidvkimball ☀️ 60 days ago

Got up, took a shower, trimmed my beard, did my hair, opened the curtains for my wife, took the trash out, and cleaned the kitchen!

davidvkimball 🤩 61 days ago

More time to work on projects. Yay!!!!!

davidvkimball 😴 64 days ago

Extremely tired. Had a tough time sleeping last night, can't even think of the last time I was this sleepy waking up!

davidvkimball ✨ 64 days ago

inspired. new website coming soon!!

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