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danny 💔 1 day ago

looking at perfume samples

danny 🤩 4 days ago

FUCKKK sooo tired... what if i... went to bed at 5pm

danny 🚄 13 days ago

visiting my home town for the week

danny 😭 17 days ago

nervous about my blood test tmrw... i need to take the bus out of town for it

danny 🥱 17 days ago

hanging out in my dorm cuz i have nothing else to do rn

danny 💤 19 days ago

woke up at 11am... today is wasted </3

danny 😶 20 days ago

had a full body massage for the first time ever. i've had tension relieved in places i didn't even know i had tension

danny 📖 21 days ago

i need to tidy up. i can't even see my dorm floor anymore.