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daedrms 🙂 137 days ago

new article on daedrms, also working on the game shelf page!!!! trying something new :P and updated my button!

daedrms 🙂 138 days ago

new article out on my main page :3

daedrms 🙂 146 days ago

work project done :') now I have to do student org stuff, important with incoming laws that'll impact the trans community.

daedrms 🙂 149 days ago

almost done with a huge work project!!! last session :) then back to mostly web & school stuff!!

daedrms 🙂 153 days ago

happy v-day!!! blog pages & other stuff are out :p hope u all have a wonderful day!

daedrms 🙂 154 days ago

made (+ updated) the updates page! next thing is moving my good ol' webrings! :)

daedrms 🙂 155 days ago

got a new phone! on top of that i've started to work on the about me page, and then i think next i'll work on the updates page!

daedrms 😛 156 days ago

got a new phone!

daedrms 🙂 157 days ago

Spring semester has started, but my phone bricked :(

daedrms 😭 225 days ago


daedrms 🥳 287 days ago

show ur pride <3

daedrms ❤️ 311 days ago


daedrms 😛 322 days ago

at college!!!!

daedrms 🥹 332 days ago

On a SLIGHT hiatus till september :P

daedrms ❤️ 337 days ago

taking a break till sept to prep for college!!! see u soon

daedrms ✨ 352 days ago

thrifting the stress awayy

daedrms 😴 353 days ago

need a break from traveling x.x

daedrms 😶 359 days ago

sleepy but grinding out pikmin 4

daedrms 😛 360 days ago

pikmin 4 time :D

daedrms 🤩 361 days ago


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