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A black swan with digital wings.


cygnoir 😶 517 days ago

beep boop filling fountain pens and waiting to go pickup pizza because no one will deliver to us

cygnoir 😭 526 days ago

I wish I didn't cry so much.

cygnoir 💤 528 days ago

worked most of the day! now sleep.

cygnoir ✨ 529 days ago

streamed Virtual Cottage again

cygnoir 🥳 530 days ago

achievement unlocked: fancy sammich in panini press

cygnoir 😎 531 days ago

figured out how to stream Virtual Cottage on Twitch! how > why

cygnoir 😴 532 days ago

brb, sleeping more hours today

cygnoir 🥹 533 days ago

I can taste my cup of tea!

cygnoir 💀 535 days ago

Eating without having a sense of smell or taste is the worst part of my COVID experience.