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cybherspace 🤐 2 days ago

search: how to escape awkward conversations

cybherspace 🥹 12 days ago

there's something weirdly comforting about the internet informing me that it is, in fact, not that deep

cybherspace 🌈 16 days ago

friendly reminder that neopets is still alive!!

cybherspace 😭 18 days ago

someone gave me an egg 🥚

cybherspace 🍙 19 days ago

why is there no egg emoji?

cybherspace 🥱 21 days ago

i just want to have fun!!

cybherspace 🥹 26 days ago

been working on my neocities page for a month and still not ready to post

cybherspace 🐱 31 days ago

omg I love cats so much they are so cute I will always love them I have two cats named Artemis and Stella and they are both so cute

cybherspace 🐱 31 days ago

i wish my only job was updating this site

cybherspace ☀️ 31 days ago

it's winter in the PNW but SOMEHOW it is sunny outside!!!