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swaggy mf
she/they, ace
either listening to music or coding


cyberspacegf 🐱 146 days ago

aggressively rubbing my feet on the carpet because the friction soothes me

cyberspacegf 🌈 225 days ago

Revisiting my website, which has sadly remained static for the past few months. I will return soon :3

cyberspacegf 🥰 397 days ago

Finding things that make me happy and making a list. Wearing pink and watching Leah's fieldnotes are being added :P

cyberspacegf 🙂 413 days ago

I love Caroline Polachek's new album, I will make a shrine for her soon :3

cyberspacegf 😭 643 days ago

My web counter stopped working </3 got a new one and I want to cry :')

cyberspacegf 🎶 649 days ago

I completely forgot about insomnia by dvwn + yayyoung, it's so mf good!! It reminds me of my 2018/19 krnb obsession!!

cyberspacegf 🙂 651 days ago

I love listening to lamp :3 [feeling: chill]

cyberspacegf 🐶 657 days ago

Finally redid my homepage and I love it so much !! I love visual clutter on websites, and I want to add way more to it :3

cyberspacegf 🤖 657 days ago

Back in my "I hate everyone my age so I'm going to waste away on the internet" phase

cyberspacegf ✏️ 661 days ago

Might be going to berlin for my birthday. Time to re-teach myself german lmao :')

cyberspacegf 🥰 671 days ago

went to my hometown's thai festival today and I had nom yen for the first time since I was a kid. I'm so mf happy !!

cyberspacegf 🤔 672 days ago

thinking of changing my homepage layout slightly