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A Piscean soul experiencing the human life in a time of a digital renaissance.


cyberdroid 💾 4 days ago

Still need to update the appearance of my and guestbook...

cyberdroid 🤒 6 days ago

I just want a whole week to have entirely for only me, myself, and I--especially during that time of the month

cyberdroid 🙃 9 days ago

Because I work with so many British people, I think I’m developing a British accent. I’m subconsciously being colonised 💀

cyberdroid ❄️ 10 days ago

Every Australian right now and also for the next 2 months: "Faaark it's cold"

cyberdroid 🤔 11 days ago

Being a curious person != being easily impressionable

cyberdroid 🎶 15 days ago

Nothing more soothing than orchestral music playing in my uber on my way home after a big closing shift behind the bar 😌

cyberdroid 🧐 17 days ago

😑 Me tryna read people's tiny af fonts on their sites without my glasses

cyberdroid ✨ 20 days ago

Ayoo whaddup I made a new button that ANIMATES

cyberdroid 🥰 21 days ago

At a point in my life where the idea of a romantic partner sounds nice, but I enjoy my own company the most. Desperation gives me the ick...

cyberdroid ✏️ 25 days ago

Can't believe it's already the middle of the week... Anyway, new blog post out on my Neocities. It's a JavaScript tutorial for beginners :)

cyberdroid 🙃 29 days ago

Over-worked, underpaid, and understaffed. Not a vibe.

cyberdroid 💻 32 days ago

Hello from my new MacBook!