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cyberdemon 🥹 14 days ago

working on my media page ^_~

cyberdemon 💤 32 days ago

im so exhausted someone please put me down

cyberdemon 💡 62 days ago

working on some minor pages tonight methinks

cyberdemon 😛 80 days ago

finished the second page of my new layout ^w^

cyberdemon 💻 122 days ago

do NOT go into software engineering they WILL make you learn sql

cyberdemon 💻 191 days ago

i need to redo my homepage so bad its driving me crazy

cyberdemon 💔 269 days ago

took a hit of my pen and a fat glob of wax came out

cyberdemon 🐱 306 days ago

my boyfriend is meowing creep by radiohead

cyberdemon 🙃 319 days ago

GOD i move into college tomorrow

cyberdemon 🌧️ 322 days ago

god my boyfriend moved away for college today and it was so fucking sad i miss him so much